Happy Holidays -Abay Day

Dear researchers, students and readers! Today, August 10, is the birthday of the great philosopher, educator and world-class thinker Abai Kunanbayev.

On August 10, 1845, the poet, composer, philosopher, educator, noble son of the Kazakh people Abai Kunanbayev was born. Abai's legacy is a spiritual wealth that has absorbed all the wisdom of the Kazakh people, accumulated over the centuries. His works are immortal, over time they do not lose their relevance and to this day largely determine the guidelines of the social, cultural and spiritual life of the nation and the entire country.The immortal works of the great thinker, philosopher, public figure have become an inspiration for many, they teach how to live, fight for happiness, strive for a goal, despite adversity and difficulties, learn and develop comprehensively. But the main thing is to remain a person who has preserved spiritual wealth in any situations.
Today in the al-Farabi library we are holding an exhibition of books dedicated to Abay.
View the virtual exhibition of Abai here 
You can watch Abay's hall: here  

You can also see the heading Eternal heritage of Abai: here 

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