Subject Librarians

List of subject librarians

FacultyFull name of the subject librarianTelephoneEmail address
Responsible: Abzhanova Kalamkas

Faculty of Medicine and Healthcare

Sikinbaeva Akbope Berdievna+77023477714
2.Faculty of Biology and BiotechnologyTolymbek
3.Faculty of Geography and Environmental ManagementBakeeva
4.Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical TechnologyMusaeva
5.Faculty of Physics and Technology
Kulbaeva Zhamila

Azimkhan Banu

6.Faculty of Mechanics and MathematicsNurimbetova Mastura

Azhen Ayazhan

7.Faculty of Information TechnologyUserbaeva Saule

Talgatuly Zhanserik

8.Faculty of journalismOrazaeva Anargul

Kydyrmoldina Saniya

9.Faculty of history
Nurkasym Moldir

Omarova Elmira


10.Faculty of LawОспанова Мадина
11.Higher School of Economics and BusinessOtegenova Elmira

Meiramova Damira

12.Faculty of PhilologyАбжанова Қаламқас +77052208012

Faculty of International RelationsBarlybaeva
14.Faculty of Oriental StudiesZheksenbaeva
15.Faculty of Philosophy and Political ScienceTastankulov Yerkin

Balkhasheva Almagul

16.Faculty of Pre-University EducationKozhabekova

Terms and definitions used

Faculty accreditation – is a process by which the accreditation body evaluates the quality of the university’s activities as a whole or individual educational programs of the university in order to recognize their compliance with certain standards and criteria.

Information resources – are a collection of data organized to effectively obtain reliable information.

Book availability – sufficiency and modernity of educational information sources in all disciplines of the curriculum.

Subscription databases – are licensed databases (electronic textbooks, books, magazines of domestic and foreign publishers), which are subscribed to by the university.

A subject librarian – is an expert in his subject area who interacts between the library and the faculties on all library services.

Subject Librarians

A subject librarian is an expert in the subject area who interacts between the library and the faculties on all library services. Subject librarians are responsible for the support and development of the library fund in the field of their specialization, for establishing links with specific departments of faculties.

Goals: informational support of educational and research activities of the teaching staff of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, assistance in increasing publication activity and promotion of library resources and services.

Functional responsibilities of subject librarians:

  • attend department meetings whenever possible and maintain direct and effective communication between the library and the faculty on all library services;
  • be able to analyze and disclose the book fund in their subject area;
  • be able to submit a report on book availability by specialty at the request of faculties;
  • when accrediting the specialties of the faculty, provide all data related to book availability in the context of specialties;
  • notify the departments of the faculty about new library services and new arrivals (textbooks, periodicals);
  • to facilitate the formation of applications from departments for the purchase of new educational and scientific literature and regularly compare applications for literature with the main fund;
  • to provide consulting services and conduct training seminars /webinars on working with the library catalog, electronic catalog, full-text database of own generation, subscription databases and other electronic resources available to the library.