Subject Librarians

A subject librarian is an expert in a subject area who provides interaction between the library and faculties in all library services. Subject librarians are responsible for supporting and developing the library fund in their field of specialization, for establishing links with specific departments of faculties.

Objectives: information support for educational and research activities of the teaching staff of KazNU. al-Farabi, promoting publication activity and promotion of library resources and services.

Responsibilities of subject librarians: read

Faculty of medicine and health care
Бименова Бейбиткуль
Faculty of biology and biotechnology
Толымбек Халима
Темирова Гульмира
Faculty of geography and environmental sciences
Шығанбаева Жұлдыз Аскербековна
Faculty of chemistry and chemical technology
Мусаева Алтынкуль
Зарыкбекова Арай
Faculty of physics and technology
Faculty of mechanical mathematics
Нуримбетова Мастура
Тулебаева Алмагуль
Faculty of information technology
Балхашева Алмагүл

Journalism department
History department
Нұрқасым Мөлдір
Омарова Эльмира
Faculty of law
High school of economics and busines
Өтегенова Эльмира
Ерекеш Айдынгүл
Faculty of philology
Абжанова Қаламқас
Шымырбаева Гулжанар
Шымырбаева Гулжанар Бахытовна
International relations departmet
Қожахметова Әсел
Faculty of oriental studies
Жексенбаева Раушан
Faculty of philosophy and political science
Барлыбаева Ғалия
Барлыбаева Ғалия
Faculty of pre-university education