Library Rules


1. Rights and obligations of users and libraries

2. About the debt and terms of compensation of lost books. list of recommended books

3. Online application for books

1. General provisions

1.1 The al-Farabi Library of the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi (hereinafter – the Library) forms, stores funds in the thematic areas of the educational process and research activities of the University and organizes access to them.

1.2 The library performs scientific, informational and cultural-educational functions, provides educational, educational, scientific and innovative activities at the university.

1.3 These rules in accordance with the Model Provisions “On the Library of Higher Professional Education Organization”, approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan of August 17, 2000, No. 827; Regulations on the Al-Farabi Library and normative documents of the University.

1.4. The rules regulate the general procedure for organizing the service of readers.

1.5 By using the services of the Library, the user agrees with The rights and obligations of users and libraries

2. The procedure for writing readers to the Library

2.1 The readers are entered into the library on the basis of the university ID-card. Libraries.

2.2. Students of the first year before receiving an ID-card when visiting the Library shall register with an identity card. After receiving the ID-card, it is necessary to register through the library manager and then use the ID-card throughout the training period.

2.3 After registration, the reader must comply with these rules. Libraries and strictly abide by them.

2.4 Libraries when presenting an ID-card or student ID card

2.5 Persons who do not study and do not work at the Kazakh National University of al-Farabi can enroll in the Library on a fee basis. For more details, see paragraph 8. Rules for third-party users

3. Rules of subscription

3.1 Passports are issued to the home. In addition, the user has the opportunity to apply online for a book.

3.2 When ordering literature, the reader presents an ID-card (students of the first year before the end of September – an identity card).

3.3 The reader who used the last edition. The reader who used the last edition.

3.4 The user receives the literature for one semester or one academic year.

Attention! More details аbout the debt and terms of compensation of lost books, see here

3.5 Encyclopedias, reference books, dissertations are issued only in reading rooms. In case if the literature is not required on the subscription, access to the materials can be obtained through the site of the library in the section “Electronic catalog” on the main page.

4. The rules of using the reading room

4.1 To use the classical reading room, it is sufficient to present an ID-card for registration of the visit.

4.2 In the classical reading room, visitors are given the opportunity to work in the open access mode in the reading room fund, which allows them to independently find the necessary literature, view the available publications in the subject matter of interest, and users of the reading room can draw selected books through the self-service terminal through an ID card.

4.3 If the necessary literature is not available in the reading room, the user can find it on the library’s website ( In the sections “Electronic Library” or “Electronic Catalog” and place an order by contacting the librarian – the manager of the hall.

4.4 Books from the reading room can be issued at home or issued through a self-service terminal for up to three days.

Attention! More details аbout the debt and terms of compensation of lost books, see, see here

4.5 Literature, available in a single copy, is not given to the house, but the user can make a scanned copy, photocopy the necessary pages through copiers or take pictures on mobile phones.

5. Rules for using the hall of undergraduates

5.1 Work with dissertations is carried out only in the hall of undergraduates.

5.2 Teachers, researchers, doctoral students, undergraduates, students of KazNU. al-Farabi uses the dissertations fund on the basis of a special petition letter.

5.3 A letter of application for the right to use theses fund is valid for one calendar year.

5.4 The responsibility for the correct use of the dissertations is borne by the reader and the manager signing the letter of application.e5.5 Electronic versions of dissertations are available only for reading on the library’s website (here)

5.6 The library of al-Farabi forms a fund of dissertations in the traditional (printed) and electronic form.

5.7 The authors are handed over to the library (Collection Management and Storage of Fixed Assets):

• one copy of the dissertation in hard copy;

• The electronic version of the thesis on CDs / flash cards (1 pc.);

5.7 The thesis must be stitched and hardcovered.

5.8 The library carries out the scientific processing of the thesis, contributes data to the reference and retrieval apparatus of the library.

5.9 It is not allowed to transfer dissertations to the library with corrections, defects, fuzzy print, etc.

6. Rules for using the Library’s electronic room

6.1 To use the Library’s electronic room, it is sufficient for the user to present an ID-card to the library manager (first-year students receive an identity card before receiving an ID card).

6.2 The electronic room provides access to Internet resources, subscription databases and electronic information resources of its own generation, as well as the ability to work using computer-based software for educational and scientific activities.

6.3 For the convenience of users, the Library’s electronic room is divided into working areas: a multimedia zone, an Internet zone, a zone for working with graphic programs and satellite television.

7. Rules for using the hall of periodicals

7.1 To use the library’s periodicals, the user needs to present the ID card to the librarian-manager (first-year students receive an identity card before receiving the ID card).

7.2 The Hall of Periodicals provides access to domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines, newsletters and bulletins, etc. for the last 3 years. Publications published earlier can be ordered from the Library’s fund by contacting the hall manager.

7.3 For the convenience of users in the hall, folders with frequently requested periodicals are prepared.

8. Rules for third-party users

8.1. Third-party users and legal entities, except university students, use the services of the Library on a fee-based basis, by purchasing a subscription for the use of the Al-Farabi Library.

For more information on the subscription price, click here.

8.2 Library services are provided free of charge to students of other universities upon presentation of a student ID card or ticket.

8.3. The Library records third-party users (employees, doctoral students, teacher, undergraduates) on the library’s pass for identity documents/passports and receipts for payment to the KazNU cash desk. al-Farabi for six months or for one calendar year of use of the Library.

8.4 Payment is made at the university’s box office or the Student Service Center “Keremet”, the purpose of the payment is “for library services”.

8.5 The cost of a paid subscription includes an electronic library card, the possibility to obtain fiction at home, work in reading rooms and an electronic library (internet, databases), training in working with databases, reference and bibliographic services, the use of a library fund, electronic catalog, as well as filing an online application for books.

8.6 Third-party readers are served in all reading rooms (with the exception of subscriptions) and have access to all the library funds.

8.7 To work with dissertations, the third-party reader must submit a letter of request from the institution or organization where he works or studies. Letter

8.8 The letter of request must be printed on the official letterhead of the institution and signed by its head.

8.9 A letter of application for the right to use theses fund is valid for one calendar year.

8.10 Responsibility for the correct use of dissertations is borne by the reader himself and by the manager signing the petition letter.

9. Working with gifts

9.1 The library accepts the following types of editions in a traditional and electronic form:

• educational and educational-methodical publications (last 5 years of publication);

• scientific and popular science publications (last 5 years of publication);

• art albums;

• domestic and foreign fiction;

• logs corresponding to the Library profile or necessary to restore missing copies in the bundle;

• manuscripts, publications, classified as rare, unique and valuable.

9.2 The main criteria for accepting a publication as a gift are its / their relevance, scientific, historical and artistic value, compliance with the thematic-typological profile of the collection of the Library.

9.3 The library does not accept publications intended to promote national and religious hatred, racial intolerance, propaganda of anti-social behavior and other negative phenomena.

9.4 The donation of publications is carried out in the Department of Acquisition and Storage of the Funds of the Library of al-Farabi (entrance on the side of the subscription).10.5 To transfer the gift, it is necessary to submit to the Collection Management and Storage Department of the main funds or to the e-mail of the Library a list of proposed publications in which the author, title, publisher, year of publication, physical condition of the publication should be indicated or contact by phone: 8 (727) 3773333 (1703).