The compilation of the bibliographic pointers

Biobibliographic indexes of the series “Scientists of al-Farabi Kazakh National University” are published on anniversaries of the scientist.

The main purpose is to organize the information of bibliographic nature and to demonstrate the directions of scientific activity of the teaching staff of the University.

Personal indexes include brief biographical information, a list of the main works of the University (sometimes with the full text) and publications about it.

Most often in the biobibliographic index assign are the following sections:

  • Introduction (short coverage of the role of the figure in the field of this science, the disclosure of the reader and the purpose, the characteristics of the structure of the manual);
  • Biographical sketch (attention is given to description of main directions of the professional, pedagogical and public activity of the scientist);
  • Main dates of life and activity (established by the study of publications, personal files, autobiography, reports, etc.);
  • Lists of publications about the teacher and/or scientist;
  • Lists of the scientist’s works (chronological and alphabetical order of publications or by type of publications: books, articles, research works, patent documents, editing);
  • Scientific school of the scientist (the list of dissertations of post-graduate students and doctoral students, the supervisor of which was scientist;
  • Auxiliary apparatus (nominal index of co-authors)

The library, together with the faculty, makes biobibliographic indexes on the basis of state standards. Bibliographic descriptions correspond to GOST 7.1-2003 “Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of preparation”, GOST 7.82-2001 “Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description of electronic resources: General requirements and rules of preparation”. Abbreviations are given in accordance with GOST 7.0.12-2011 “Bibliographic record. Reduction of words and phrases in Russian. General requirements and rules”.


To prepare a biobibliographic index to the al-Farabi Library, you must provide:

  • request for the preparation and publication of the index; 
  • materials in electronic and paper versions two months before the anniversary of the scientist;
  • author’s certificates, patent documents, reports on scientific and research works of the scientist are provided by the requesting party from the Republican patent Fund and the National center of the state scientific and technical expertise.