The procedure for the formation of a single fund of the Al-Farabi Library

The literature fund of educational institutions of vocational education is used to evaluate the relevant educational institutions during their licensing, attestation and accreditation in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The fund of the Al-Farabi Library is created as a single library fund.

The subject of acquisition of the fund of the Al-Farabi Library is determined by the profile of the main educational programs implemented at the university and the areas of scientific activity of the university departments. The selection of documents corresponds to the areas of training of specialists, bachelors and masters at the university and is carried out in accordance with the thematic acquisition plan approved by the rector of the university. Orders for documents are placed throughout the year as information materials from publishers, bookselling organizations, as well as written applications from university departments arrive.

Educational documents are completed at the request of the departments in the amount determined by the «Model Rules for the Activities of Educational Organizations of the Relevant Types» (Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 30, 2018 No. 595.) in accordance with the curricula and programs of the university. The departments determine the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the order (title, educational purpose of the document, exemplarity, etc.) and give preference to educational documents with the stamp of the MES RK / EMC RUMS.

Scientific publications and other types of documents are acquired on the basis of the principle of satisfying readers’ requests. The application form is available for download here

Periodicals formed according to the catalogs of Kazpost JSC, Eurasia-Press Agency LLP (Address: Almaty, Zhibek Zholy Avenue, 6, office 2. Tel: +7 (727) 382-34-87, +7 (727 )382-25-11 E-Mail: are purchased upon written request of the department or faculty.


Responsible for periodicals of each faculty must apply for periodicals before 11/01/2022