For fresher

Dear first-year student!

For freshman instructions see here

Instructions for working with the library online (how to read books online)

You became the student of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and acquired the right to use funds and information services of Al-Farabi library. The library is founded in 1934. The fund of library, today, contains more than 2,5 million copies of  books. For successful study at university it is necessary to organize rationally your independent work in library. This heading will help to find a short and effective way to information sources to you. Welcome to Al-Farabi  library of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University!

1. Remember the basic rules of using a library

  • On the subscription it is possible to receive literature on the house. Educational literature is issued on a semester, art for 15 days.
  • In the reading room you can use the literature necessary in educational process: textbooks, education guidances, methodical benefits, encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books, periodicals. This literature is available in limited quantity.
  • The electronic library provides to the reader in use electronic catalogs, databases, working areas: multimedia, works with the Internet, graphical programs, and electronic resources.
  • Timely prolong use of books for the avoidance of doubt
  • In case of loss of  books you can compensate to library the caused damage in the form of just the same book, its copy or payment of market value of the edition.

2. Study operating time and arrangements of departments of library (see the Working schedule and the Guide to library)

3. How to receive the necessary book from fund of library

Address the catalog. In library there are electronic also traditional catalogs – alphabetic and systematic. You will find information on the necessary book in the alphabetical catalog if the author or the title of the book is known to you. It is necessary to address the systematic catalog if the scope of search is known. In the electronic catalog information on the book can be looked for on any of required requirements: author, title, publishing house, keywords.Fill in the requirement of the book.

In the requirement you need to specify the code of the book, a surname and the author’s initials, the name, year of the edition.

For consultation on search of the necessary book or filling of a leaf of the requirement address the librarian manager.