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For students, teachers, employees of your educational institution, access to the Scientific and Educational portal Znanium is open ( – a reliable tool for both traditional and distance learning. The portal consists of 3 modules, united by a single authorization: 

Znanium electronic Library System:

  • More than 56,000 documents of educational and scientific accessories (textbooks, monographs, journals) in various areas of training, half of which were published in the last 5 years
  • Distribution of documents by 5 classifiers: OKSO, GRNTI, UDC, BBK,TBK (ВAC nomenclature)
  • Affiliation of the authors
  • Open access documents

Discovery Znanium search and analysis system:

  • More than 12 million documents, including foreign databases and a database of abstracts
  • Scientific analysis of texts
  • Creating a keyword cloud
  • Checking for borrowings

The Znanium Encyclopedia:

  • More than 250,000 articles from encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books
  • Each article has an author specified
  • In terms of completeness and exclusivity, it has no analogues in the country

The Znanium portal supports continuing education processes (lifelonglearning):

  • The account belongs to the user, not the educational institution
  • The documents created by the user remain in free access forever
  • Interconnected content will allow you to move from one level of education to another.

With Znanium, you are guaranteed to prepare for exams, write a course paper, a thesis, as well as an abstract or dissertation, make a working program of disciplines, get complete and reliable statistics on the use of the resource , based on the international standards COUNTERR5 and Googleanalytics.

You can register and access Znanium without leaving your home.

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You can find out about other registration methods accepted at your educational institution in the library.

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