Trial access to the Osmosis platform

The University is pleased to announce the availability of trial access to the renowned medical education platform, until January 30, 2024.

Osmosis – is a health education platform that empowers millions of clinicians and caregivers with the best learning experience possible. Designed for curricular support, formative assessment, and high-stakes exam preparation, consolidates a library of over 1,700+ videos covering pathology, physiology, pharmacology, and clinical reasoning with over 2,700+ questions, 15,000+ flashcards, and 1,200+ high yield notes into a single learning environment. Osmosis has an engaged audience of more than 5 million active learners made up of current and future health professionals, as well as a YouTube channel with over 2.6 million learners worldwide.

Link to the website:

All students and faculty receive full access to the Osmosis Platform, which includes:

– More than 1,700 videos including:

– Comprehensive coverage of anatomy, pathology, physiology, and pharmacology

– Clinical Practice and Clinical Rotation videos for internal medicine, family medicine, neurology, psychiatry, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, emergency medicine, and dermatology, as well as coverage for biostats and epidemiology.

– Clinical Skills and Interpersonal and communication skills ○ Functionality for faculty to curate, share and assign video playlists with students

● 2,700+ vignette-style questions, featuring detailed explanations and hyperlinks to additional relevant content

● 15,000+ basic sciences flashcards powered by spaced repetition

● 1,200+ High-Yield Notes for pathology and physiology, and High-Yield Pathology videos

● Learning science video series including specific videos on retention techniques

● How to Learn in the Health P rofessions online course

● Mobile app for iOS and Android

Student Customer Support Additional faculty services include:

● Curricular Mapping and integration services

● Dedicated engineering, content, and engagement teams to assist with ongoing support, onboarding, and orientation services

● Reporting and analytics faculty dashboards to monitor cohort and individual student utilization / performance data