SciVal webinar

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You are invited you to take part in webinars dedicated to Elsevier’s SciVal online platform. During the webinar, the main interface elements, analysis objects and metrics available in the SciVal analytical system for working with data from the Scopus abstract database of scientific publications and data from a number of other sources – patent information, media monitoring, statistics of grants issued by the largest foundations, etc. will be considered.

Details: SciVal: Basic analytics and new features

Description: The webinar is aimed at a wide audience and will be useful for experienced and novice researchers, heads of research departments, novice users of SciVal or for those who want to refresh their knowledge.

The resource provides an opportunity to observe, analyze and evaluate international scientific research reflected in the Scopus database using visualization tools and modern citation metrics, economic and social efficiency. SciVal provides access to the research results of more than 23,500 research institutes and associated researchers from 234 countries around the world.
Date and time: December 22, 2023, 15:00

Link to registration: link

Speaker: Kirill Mikhailovich Ivanov, SciVal consultant in Turkey, Western and Central Asia.