What you need to know about the periodicals section

Dear readers, this section of the library provides a list of periodicals to which our University is subscribed. These are over 100 Kazakhstani magazines, more than 50 of which are in Kazakh, more than 150 Russian magazines, as well as such well-known magazines as National Geographic, The Economist, Speak Out. In addition, you have access to a list of 50 newspapers that the University has signed up for this year.

For convenience, periodicals are divided into sections “Newspapers” and “Magazines” to find out the list, just select the year of subscription.

Please note that the selection of newspapers and magazines for the last 5 years, which are located in the periodicals room, is provided.

Earlier editions are in the book storage of the library, use the Electronic Catalog (…) to search for them, then ask the librarian manager for the material found.

To search for foreign scientific journals with indexing, we recommend using the databases Scopus, Elsevier, Springer, Oxford Academic Journals and other databases, to which our library has free access.