A poet whose life is interwined with poetry

Library named after Al-Farabi organized a traditional book exhibition for the poet and journalist Otegen Oralbayuly.

Otegen Oralbaevich (born September 1, 1952, now the village of Karakum, Beineu region) – poet, journalist. Graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of KazSU (now the Treasury) (1974). In the Mangistau Regional Television and Radio Committee, editor, own correspondent of the newspaper “Communist Way” (1974-76), own correspondent of the newspaper “Leninshil Zhas” (now “Zhas Alash”), head of department, member of the board (1976-90), executive secretary of the newspaper “Dala Didar ”(now“ Auyl ”) (1990-92) and deputy editor (1993-94), head of the village department in the editorial office of“ Yegemen Kazakhstan ”newspaper (1992-93 and secretary of the committee on political parties and movements (1994-95). Since 1995 he worked in the President’s Office.

In 1978, the first collection of poems by Otegen akyn “Tysh” was published, which was followed in different years by “perpetual motion” (1980), “Zhuldyz shagy” (1982), “dy didary” (1985), “Ak pen kara” (1988) ), “Aspans biik atazhurt” (1997), “ekimyn zhyldyk dala zhyrlary” (2008), “Alebayan” in 2 volumes (2008), “Sambile sazy” (2010), “Swallows of the Kaaba” (2012), “ palma Aisulu “(2016),” shkan shagy “(2016). Oralbayuly wrote documentary sketches and short stories “Zhylgan zhuregim” (1993), “Zholdar men zhylar” (2008), “Serper sezim” (2014), “Tauelsizdik oner Tumary” (2015), “Tauelsiz eldin firstborn” (2016), widely popular books “Zhas zhuldar zhyry”, “Zhylyoi daughters”, “raise your head, brother”, “Shevchenko shattygy”, “Auylym”,“Auylym is the author of more than 200 articles in various genres of journalism and lyrics, such as“ swaying, quivering sea. ”O. Oralbaevich, in his poems and articles, touches on topical issues about time, life, atameken, mother nature. Turkmen, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Uyghur, Latvian, Buryat, Tyvin, Nogai, Azerbaijani, Belarusian languages. O. Oralbaevich participated in the translation of poems into the Kazakh language of a number of poets from more than 40 countries. 1987 Delegate of the creative competition of the peoples of the whole world in Moscow. Laureate of the 11th All-Union Poetry Festival. Winner of the State Prize in the field of literature and art in 2018 for the collection of poems “Shkan shaky”, established by the Decree of the Head of State.

The purpose of the cultural event: Otegen Oralbaevich is a public figure, laureate of the State Prize in the field of mass media, poet, publicist. The event was organized with the aim of familiarizing the young generation with the consciousness, glorifying its hearts, developing a spiritual outlook, as well as popularizing the work of O. Oralbayuly, which takes its place in Kazakh poetry.




“Өtegen Oralbayulynyk өmirlik zholy tauelsiz memleketimizben bite kaynasyp kele zhatyr. Ol sonau Keңes dauirinen bastap wasps kүnge deyin journalist, aқyn, memlekettik Kyzmetker retinde tauelsizdigimizdі bayandy etuge өlsheusiz үles koskan azamattardyң bіnіn Sol enbegi elenip, Elbasymyzdyk Zharlygymen “Shuaқty shak” zhyr zhinay үshin 2018 zhylyy әdebiet pen oner salasyndagy Memleket syilyktyk iegerі atandy “.

Mahmud Kasymbekov

You can watch the virtual exhibition: hеre
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