John Wiley & Sons

Access Period: March 16, 2020 to March 15, 2021.
John Wiley & Sons (short name – Wiley) – one of the oldest academic (scientific) publications in the world with a rich history and no less impressive collection of content and solutions for science, higher education and business.

The publisher publishes materials in all areas of knowledge. Currently, the company has rights to more than 21,000 scientific books (regardless of about 1,000 new titles published), 1,600 scientific journals (including a large number of world-famous and respected publications), as well as encyclopedias and reference books, scientific information databases. on chemical and medical medicine (including the Cochrane Library of Evidence-Based Medicine). The scientific content of the publisher is presented on the platform of the Internet library Wiley (

The journals of the publishing house published the work of more than 450 Nobel laureates. Every year, Wiley magazines demonstrate high citation and exposure factor indicators.

Wiley – more than 1,500 titles of currently published magazines. Access also includes archived content for more than 20 years of history – from 1997 to the current moment. Thematic coverage of journals includes all the subject areas of modern science.

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