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On amendments to the order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 17, 2015 No. 391 “On approval of qualification requirements for educational activities, and the list of documents confirming compliance with them”Download
GOST R SILP Bibliographic record. Bibliographic descriptionDownload
Model librarian codex for states participants of the CIS :New Edition:  Adopted at the twenty-second plenary session of the Interparliamentary Assembly of States – participants of the CIS member states (Regulation number 22-12 from 15 November 2003).Download
Manifesto  IFLA / UNESCO about  Public libraryDownload


Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 28 of October, 2015 №368-V ЗRK “on Amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Republic of Kazakhstan on the issues of Culture and historical-cultural heritage”Download
Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 28, 2015, No. 368-V ZRK “On Amendments and Additions to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Culture and Historical and Cultural Heritage.”Download
On the approval of the Model Rules for the Activities of Educational Organizations of the Relevant Types, including the Model Rules of Educational Organizations Implementing Additional Educational Programs for Children
Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 17, 2013 No. 499.
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 Library standartsDownload
GOST Р 7.0.52-2010Format for the exchange of bibliographic data. Search document imageDownload
GOST Р 7.0.10-2010A set of metadata elements. Dublin CoreDownload
GOST Р 7.0.1-2003Publications. Sign of copyright protection. General requirements and rules of registrationDownload
GOST ISO 8601-2001Fixing dates and times. General requirementsDownload
GOST Р 7.0.11-2011Dissertation and the disertation thesis. Structure and rules of registrationDownload
GOST 7.9-95 (ISO 214-76)Abstract and annotation. General requirementsDownload
GOST 7.90-2007SILP. Universal decimal classification. Structure, rules of reference and indexingDownload
GOST 7.82-2001SILP. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description of electronic resources.General requirements and rules of compilationDownload
GOST 7.83-2001SILP. Electronic publications. Main types and output informationDownload
GOST Р 7.0.83-2013Electronic publications. Main types and output informationDownload
GOST 7.85-2003 (ISO 10444-1994)International Standard Number of Technical ReportDownload
GOST 7.84-2002Publications. Covers and bindings. General requirements and rules of registrationDownload
GOST 7.88-2003Rules for the reduction of titles and words in the titles of publicationsDownload
GOST 7.81-2001SILP. Statistical accounting of the production of non-periodic, periodic continuing publications. Basic provisionsDownload
GOST 7.76-96Collection of documents. Bibliography. Cataloging. Terms and DefinitionsDownload
GOST 7.80-2000Bibliographic record. Header. General requirements and rules of compilationDownload
GOST 7.77-98Interstate rubricator of scientific and technical information. Structure, rules of use and maintenanceDownload
GOST 7.78-99Publications. Supporting indexesDownload
GOST 7.76-96Collection of documents. Bibliography. Cataloging. Terms and DefinitionsDownload
GOST 7.75-97Codes of the names of languagesDownload
GOST 7.73-96Search and dissemination of information. Terms and DefinitionsDownload
GOST 7.72-96Codes of the physical form of documentsDownload
GOST 7.67-2003 (ISO 3166-1:1997)Country name codesDownload
GOST 7.61-96Publications. State (national) bibliographic indexes. General requirementsDownload
GOST 7.70-2003Description of databases and machine-readable information arrays.Composition and designation of characteristicsDownload
GOST 7.69-95SILP. Audiovisual documents. Basic terms and definitionsDownload
GOST 7.68-95 СИБИДSILP. Phono and video documents. General technical requirements for archival storageDownload
GOST 7.60-2003SILP. The main types. Terms and DefinitionsDownload
GOST 7.66-92 (ISO 5963-85)Indexing of documents. General requirements for coordinate indexingDownload
GOST 7.59-2003 SILP. Indexing of documents. General requirements for systematization and subject cataloguingDownload
GOST 7.55-99SILP. Primary requirementsDownload
GOST 7.53-2001Publications. International standard numbering of booksDownload
GOST 7.51-98Cards for catalogs and card files. Cataloging in the editionDownload
GOST 7.5-98Journals, collections, information publications. Publishing design of published materialsDownload
GOST 7.48-2002Conservation of documents. Basic requirements and definitionsDownload
GOST 7.4-95Publications. Output informationDownload
GOST 7.25-2001SILP. Thesaurus information retrieval monolingualDownload
GOST 7.24-2007Thesaurus information retrieval multilingual. Composition, structure and basic requirements for the constructionDownload
GOST 7.23-96Information publications. Structure and designDownload
GOST 7.20-2000SILP. Library statisticsDownload
GOST 7.19-2001SILP. Format for data exchange. Content of the recordDownload
GOST 7.11-2004SILP (ISO 832-1994) SIBID. Bibliographic record. Reduction of words and phrases in foreign European languagesDownload
GOST 7.12-1993SILP. Bibliographic record. Abbreviation of words in Russian. General requirements and rulesDownload
GOST R 7.0.5-2008Bibliography link. General requirements and rules of compilationDownload
GOST 7.1-2003System of standards for information, library and publishing. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of registrationDownload
GOST 7.0-99Information and library activities, bibliography. Terms and DefinitionsDownload
GOST R 7.0.91-2015Thesauri for information retrievalDownload
GOST 7.89-2005 SILP. Originals text author and publishing. General requirementsDownload
GOST 7.87-2005  SILP. Book monumentsDownload
SS RK 1237-2004State standard of the RK. System of standards on
information, librarianship and publishing.
technical requirements for archiving
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