База данных Scopus

Scopus – the largest reference and reference database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. scopus.com

Why work with the Scopus Database?
  • More than 5000 publishers from around the world
  • More than 22,000 Serials tittles
  • More than 70 million Items
  • Scopus is the #1 abstract and citation database
  • Foundation of scientific materials and analysis of research results that will help improve your scientific activity
  • A database that will help find external experts and potential collaborators in the international scientific world
  • Apply for funding or support the research needs of your organization
How to register in Scopus?

To register as a new user, click Register. Enter all necessary information, such as your name and e-mail address, in the registration window.

After registering as a user, you can set up personal functions, such as e-mail notifications.

Using the same username and password, you can enter ScienceDirect and Engineering Village. Reauthorization is not required.

If you already have a username and password, click Login and enter them in the appropriate input fields. Select the Remember me checkbox to save this information on your computer, and do not re-enter it every time you login.

Functions available to registered users:

  • You can set up e-mail notifications to keep up to date with updates of the topics you are interested in.
  • Notifications about the appearance of new documents suitable for the results of your search query
  • Notification of author quoting
  • Notification of quoting a document
  • Check my list
  • You can check the articles in a temporary or saved list.
  • Changing the individual settings / password
  • You can change your email address, password, login / password for RefWorks, etc. from the Settings menu.
  • Registered users can personalize the appearance and search settings in Scopus.

How to find a scientist, co-author in the Scopus database?

This search works without registration in the database and allows you to find a scientist by his name and surname

Click the link below


1. Author’s last name
2. Author’s name
3. Orcid will allow to accurately find the desired scientist, excluding namesake and vice versa, will show all the works of the author, even if initially he made mistakes in transliteration
4. Organization in which the author works or worked at the time of publication of the article

After you have entered the author’s surname and name (in this case, the initial), you can select Show only exact match (1), but if you are not sure of the correct name and the name of the scientist, you should remove the mark.

On the opened page, we see the result of the search: The author sought (1) and the name of his work (3); but in the column “Documents” the total number of works of the scientist is 18 (2), this means that his surname and name in other articles could have been written differently.

Next, go to the author’s name

On the information about the author we get detailed information:

1 h-index
2 Number of author’s documents
3 Total number of citations in all documents
4 Organization and country where the author works
5 The branch of knowledge is especially useful for doctoral students who will choose a foreign scientific consultant in their specialty
6 The author’s history, the number of authors and authors with whom the articles were co-written, the number of documents referring to the author.