Digital lesson on working with EBS IPR BOOKS


Dear Colleagues!

IPR MEDIA congratulates you on the start of the new academic year!

Every year, a lot is changing in the design of our digital library and the IPR MEDIA ecosystem – from the addition of new content in new disciplines to the development of new services that simplify the learning process for students and teachers. Only one thing is invariable: digital resources play a huge role in the development of new knowledge

The IPR MEDIA company continues to contribute to the transfer of knowledge and announces the II All-Russian digital lesson on working with EBS IPR BOOKS for all its partners and friends. First of all, the student lesson will be useful for freshmen.

In an interactive lesson, students:

remotely get acquainted with the basic principles of EBS operation and content

✅learn how to use all EBS services

✅learn how they can be used in the educational process

🎁All participants in the lessons will receive useful learning materials based on the results of the September lesson.

This year, the program is planned in the format of an express acquaintance with a digital library and includes a micro-module on the culture of using digital resources in the educational process.

🎤The lessons will be taught by an experienced lecturer and active teacher.

The digital lesson is free to attend❗️

It will take place on September 9 in 2 shifts: from 11:00 to 11:40 and from 15:00 to 15:40 Moscow time for students, as well as from 13:00 to 14:00 Moscow time for teachers.

Classes will be held on the Zoom platform with broadcast on YouTube. Students can choose a lesson at a convenient time for them. Lesson recording will be available to all registered participants.

❗️To participate you need registration.

Thanks to participation in the All-Russian digital lesson, freshmen without interrupting the educational process and at a convenient time for them will learn how to use the IPR BOOKS electronic library system. This means that they will meet a new stage in their lives in full readiness to work with educational and scientific literature from over 700 publishing houses.

How to organize training for students of your organization?

  1. If necessary, coordinate the issue of student participation with the management letter template.
  2. Organize the registration of all freshmen in the EBS IPR BOOKS, so that students can use the system immediately after the end of the lesson.
  3. You can register freshmen yourself –instructions for mass user registrations

Upon request and with the permission of users, we, for our part, can carry out the registration procedure for students who register for the webinar. We ask you to inform us in a reply letter, if necessary.

Inform students about the opportunity to participate in a digital lesson. We recommend spreading the information on the university website, using the mailing list and in social networks.–  message template

All registered students will be able to take part in the lesson and will receive a confirmation certificate of completion of the training.

We suggest informing teachers about the opportunity to take part in a separate digital lesson – invitation- letter.