To the attention of readers! The library working time has changed.

We remind you that during quarantine the Library is open from Monday to Friday (9.00-18.00), and the Classic Reading Room, Electronic Room and Periodicals Hall on Saturday (9.00-14.00).

Attention! Observe quarantine precautions, social distancing, and be sure to wear masks when visiting the library.

We remind you that readers who are not able to turn in literature on time can return books without payment for lateness as they visit the library.

Those who have the opportunity to transfer existing publications can use the services of the Subscription.

Readers who need to fill out the bypass sheet must first hand over the literature and pay off debts.

In case of loss or damage to a library book, the user is obliged to compensate for the damage caused:

  • A similar book; A publication recognized by the library as the equivalent of a lost book;
  • Payment of the market value of the lost edition.
  • Payment for the cost of a lost book, payment for untimely return of books is carried out in any second-tier bank More…

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