What databases are available for distance learning?

In connection with the introduction of quarantine, educational institutions have switched to distance learning. In this article we will bring to your attention those bases that allow not only reading books at home, but also fully learning.

Multimedia textbook platform

Link to the platform https://mbook.kz/​

Promotional code for registration of teachers and students of KazNU: kaznu19

The company “Epigraph” presents to your attention a portal on multimedia textbooks that allows you to study remotely, 27 multimedia books are available at your university.

In order to use the functionality of the site you will need to register on the site mbook.kz and enter the promo code: kaznu19

The site is adapted to work with any mobile devices: cell phones, tablets and computers.

A multimedia textbook is a set of software solutions that allows students to demonstrate, in addition to text, teaching multimedia material, which also contains interactive blocks of knowledge testing.

The multimedia textbook contains:

  1. Text material – the main material of the textbook, presented in electronic form with the ability to search and navigation, as well as animated tables and graphs.
  2. Animations – static, dynamic 2D and 3D animations, as well as interactive animations and virtual laboratories.
  3. Video – lectures based on the material of the textbook, where the author is an active participant in a virtual digital presentation.
  4. Tests for self-control – tests formed in the form of interactive pages.
  5. Tasks – situational, computational, on logic and laboratory tasks.

Urait and distance learning opportunities

Link to the platform: click here

In connection with the transition of our educational institution to distance learning, our partner Yurait provided full access to the Yurait educational platform:

  • 8 978 textbooks in 7 468 disciplines;
  • video and audio materials for training courses;
  • “flexible courses” with the ability to create a course for your subject;
  • smart testing on courses.

What to do first:

  1. Register on urait.ru if you do not have an account yet.
  2. Ask questions and learn how to use the platform at an emergency workshop: open schedule.
  3. View platform usage instructions here

IPR-books Multimedia resources

EBR IPRbooks (link to a resource: http://www.iprbookshop.ru/ ) — The Russian licensed certified full-text database of electronic publications recommended for use in educational activities of educational institutions.
How to use?
1. On the IPRbooks website in the upper right corner, click on the LOGIN button,
2. enter the Login – kaznu.kz and the password – EZBMkNjh,
3. then go through a personal registration with the name, email, and type of user.
After registration is complete, your personal login and password will be displayed in the window that opens, and also sent to the specified email address.
Further, this will allow you to use the IPRbooks database on any computer with Internet access, use the mobile application and other features.
Multimedia Tools:

1. Tests

2. Audio

3. Videolessons

Teachers ELS IPRbooks will be useful in preparing curricula, preparing for classes, obtaining information about new publications of colleagues. Also, teachers are given the opportunity to electronically publish their works and include them in IPRbooks ELS with subsequent indexing in the RSCI database (IPRbooks ELS is a partner of the Elibrary Scientific Electronic Library).