Virtual exhibition dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayev

To the 175th anniversary of the classic of Kazakh literature, the great poet Abay Kunanbayuly, the Al-Farabi library has prepared a recommendatory index of literature.

Abay Kunanbayuly (1845-1904) – a great poet, writer, public figure, enlightener, founder of Kazakh written literature and literary language. Abay, as an enlightener of his time, knew well the culture of East and West, and in his work he was able to convey the foundations of world culture to the people.

The words of edification of the great Abay became a pearl of education in national pedagogy. The poems of Abai bring up training in labor, science, art, humanity. Abay occupies a prominent place in Russian culture and literature.

This index contains the works of Abay, and books about him, stored in the fund of the Al-Farabi Library to familiarize the audience with the creative heritage of the great poet.

The index includes books by Abay published in Latin script in 1939-1940.

Abay’s works have already been translated into many languages ​​and have been praised by the peoples of the world. The bibliography includes translations of edification words available in the fund in Russian, English, Tajik, Chinese, German, as well as selected works in Turkish and verses in Arabic.

The literature is arranged in chronological order, alphabetically within each year. The literature is given first in Kazakh, then in Russian and foreign languages.