On April 15, 17, at 11:00 and 14:00, you will have a webinar on the Epigraph channel, participation is free.

Your University has acquired an electronic database of textbooks “Epigraph” and a portal of multimedia textbooks. To start using it, you need to register on the website  elib.kz and mbook.kz,after that, you will be able to view textbooks from phones, tablets, laptops. Your students will also need to register.

We provide you with instructions:

1. Instructions for registering on the portal of the electronic library.

2. Instructions for using the electronic library.

3.Instructions for registering on the portal of multimedia textbooks.

4.Instructions for using the multimedia textbook portal.

Promo code for KazNU University: kaznu19 .( all with a small letter).

(You will need a promo code if you are going to register outside of the University).

Also, on April 15, 17, at 11:00 and 14:00, a webinar will be held for you on the Epigraph channel at this link:


 For all questions, please contact:

8(707)225-59-25- Маrat.

 8(700)743-60-64 – Ibrahim.

Email: sabirov.mt23@gmail.com

Email: ibragim19944@gmail.com