Test access to the Reaxys database

Dear readers, we are pleased to inform you that from10.05.2023 to 09.06.2023 access to the Reaxys database is provided!

Reaxys – is a structural-chemical factual database that includes a various chemical substances, their experimental properties, an abstract database of journal and patent publications, a database of chemical reactions with the function of building a synthesis plan.

Literature or compound property searches in Reaxys can be done using natural language keywords, as well as structural or reaction schemes.

Reaxys key elements

  • 265 millions various chemical substances (organic, inorganic and metalloorganic)
  • 62 millions single and multistep chemical reactions
  • 500 millions substance properties
  • 105 millions bibliographic records from more than 16000 scientific journals
  • 38 millions patents from 105 patent agencies
  • 6 sources of information for interdisciplinary search of information

Reaxys has been  designed for chemical researchers to solve practical problems related to the development of new materials, new technologies. The extracted experimental properties of chemical compounds in Reaxys cover more than 130 subject areas, including chromatographic, spectral, electrochemical, magnetic, physical, optical, thermodynamic and crystalline properties, information about natural objects and the use of compounds.

Reaxys focuses on the followings:

  • Find information about chemical structures, properties and reactions
  • Easily select up-to-date literature and patents
  • Evaluate options for the synthesis and acquisition of chemical compounds of interest
  • Share data internally and externally
  • Compare your own experimental data with published ones

Additional video instructions how to use Reaxys