Reading halls on Masanchi

The faculties of International relations, oriental studies and the faculties of Philosophy and political science and Pre-university education at Masanshi 39/40 are located in the building of our university at the address: Karasai Batyr, 95.

These buildings serve 3 reading rooms and 1 subscription to the information service department of the library. al-Farabi:

• Faculty of International Relations – reading room;

• at the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science – a reading room;

• at the Faculty of Oriental Studies – a reading room;

• at the faculty of pre-university education – deliveri desk

The main task of reading rooms and deliveri desk is to provide information services to library users, create a free information space for the reader for his spiritual development, familiarization with the national and world cultural and historical heritage, personal development, research and innovation activities of teachers. and students.

In the reading rooms, users have the opportunity to work with the Internet, the library website (, electronic catalogs and global databases. There is also a strong demand for e-books in the industry. The staff of the reading rooms promptly deliver one copy of the book to the halls of the Digitization Center, located in the main building of the library, in time for readers (students, undergraduates, doctoral students, teachers) to create an electronic version of the book.

Library staff regularly organize exhibitions for significant dates and new books, organize cultural events with students and teachers.

The reading room of the Faculty of International Relations is located on the second floor of the building,234 room, and the reading room of the Faculty of Oriental Studies is on the fifth floor 543 room.

Faculty of International Relations teaches  in the field of international relations and foreign policy, international law and the world economy. More than 1000 students are currently studying.

The reserve fund of the reading room is 5620 copies of literature. The book fund of the reading room is replenished with textbooks and scientific literature, periodicals in Kazakh, Russian and foreign languages related to the educational process.

Faculty of Oriental Studies the auxiliary fund of the reading room of the is replenished with literature on Arabic studies, Turkic studies, Korean studies, Indology, Sinology, Iranian studies, Japanese studies. The faculty teaches 8 oriental languages: Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Japanese, Hindi and Urdu, as well as two western languages: English and French. At the request of readers, the reserve fund is replenished with reference books, dictionaries, and scientific literature. Auxiliary inventory of the reading room – 5324 pcs. The reading room serves more than 700 readers.

 Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science is the reserve fund of the reading room of replenished with 6410 copies of literature. Readers are offered textbooks on natural science, natural science, pedagogy, psychology and linguistics, as well as scientific and popular literature.

Faculty of pre-university training serves the department of pre-university training, language and general education of foreigners, college students and students of specialized schools of our university. The total number of deliveri desk is 28,559, the fund is replenished with textbooks, manuals, dictionaries and reference books for those wishing to learn a foreign language. In a specialized school, grades 8, 9, 10, 11. Their total number is 202. The number of students in the college is 74.

During the year library staff actively participate in trainings, seminars, conferences, open classes aimed at improving skills and information literacy.

Faculty Department Full name of the employee Job title e-mail, phones
1 Faculty of Pre-University Education Deliveri desk Kozhabekova Aliya Muratkyzy chief librarian-manager

Work phone: 3117  

2 Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science Reading room Barlybaeva Galiya Kaisankyzy librarian-manager

Work phone: 3117   

3 Faculty of International Relations Reading room Kozhakhmetova Assel Esbergenovna librarian-manager

Work phone: 3117  

4 Faculty of pre-university training serves Reading room Zheksenbaeva Raushan librarian-manager