Improve your knowledge without leaving home! How to order a book online?

The online service “Order books online” allows you to order the digital format of books available in our fund without leaving your home.

How to order a book online?

1. To do this, you need to search in our electronic catalog (click here to go to the electronic catalog) and make sure that the book you are looking for is available in our collection.

2. Click here to register in our full-text database, if you are already registered, then log in.

3.Click here to place an order or place an order on the Full-Text Database page.

4. Fill in all the fields marked with an “asterisk” within 3 working days, the book ordered will be placed on our full-text database, go in to check and search.

Attention! .The use of materials for commercial purposes is prohibited and protected by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Copyright and Related Rights”

We remind you that for the duration of quarantine and emergency mode, al-Farabi Library and our partners provide remote access to their full-text database. Read more in the following articles:

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