John Wiley & Sons

Access Period: March 16, 2020 to March 15, 2021

The publishing house’s scientific content is presented on the Wiley Online Library platform (

At the Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi opened access to a collection of 137 Wiley magazines in natural and technical areas.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of Wiley journals available at the university here.


For users of Wiley subscribing organizations, it is possible to remotely access the publisher’s resources outside the organization’s IP network through the Google Scholar system, as well as through the Wiley Online Library account.

If a user signs up and logs in to the Wiley Online Library platform from within the organization’s network, their Wiley profile will automatically be associated with the organization. In the future, the user gains access to Wiley resources by logging into the Wiley Online Library account from any computer within 60 days. To renew access, you must regularly update the relationship between the account and the organization, i.e. Log into your Wiley Online Library account from your organization’s network at least once every 60 days.

Learn more about remote access here.

Registration instructions:

In the upper right corner, click “Login / Register”

In the window that opens, select “New user”

Fill in the fields in the registration window

In a new window, you will be asked to read the terms of the agreement, after which you must check the box and select “Register”.

You should receive an email by means of which you activate your account on the platform. Attention! If you did not find the letter in your inbox, check the “Spam” folder

Interesting facts about Wiley magazines (according to the Journal Citation Report for 2019):

1,236 journals are indexed by JCR and have an impact factor;

77% of indexed Wiley journals are in the I and II quartiles;

320 magazines entered the top 10 in their thematic category;

in 26 thematic categories, Wiley magazines took 1st place.

More about the publishing house

John Wiley & Sons (short name – Wiley) is one of the oldest academic (scientific) publishing houses in the world with a rich history and an equally impressive collection of content and solutions for science, higher education and business.

The works of more than 450 Nobel laureates have been published in the magazines of the publishing house. Every year, Wiley magazines show high citation rates and impact factors, with many publications occupying the first lines in the rankings in their respective areas.

The publishing house publishes materials in all areas of knowledge. Currently, the company owns the rights to more than 21,000 scientific books (annually publishing about 1000 new titles), 1,600 scientific journals (including a large number of world famous and respected publications), as well as encyclopedias and reference books, databases with scientific information on chemistry and medicine (including the Cochrane Library of Evidence-Based Medicine).