How to use the self-service terminal?

Instructions on how to use the self-service terminal

For several years now, our Library has taken a course on the automation of library processes. One of the automation tools that every student and employee of our university who has an ID card can use is a self-service terminal.

This terminal allows the reader to independently issue on their card an edition located in the Classic Reading Room, without the assistance of the room manager.

Attention! Books are issued for 1 day, the next day, you can extend the time of use also through the terminal by repeating the steps.

1. Select an interface language (Kazakh, Russian)

2. Insert your ID card in the upper right corner

3. Select the issue book button

4. Attach a book

5. Select the “debt” button in the menu, make sure that the book is registered.

6. If you want to extend the time of use, repeat the same steps, only first select the “Return” button in the menu.