Access to international Databases or how to find scientific information in the Internet space.

In this article, we provide a list of scientific databases to which materials are granted access.

To date, the Al-Farabi Library has access to the materials of 9 databases on a regular basis (National Subscription Databases and Subscription Databases), and also, as part of the agreements reached, we provide test access for a period of a week to several months to various databases and information resources.

National Subscription Databases:

1. Thomson Reuters (click to view description)

2. Springerlink (click to go to the description)

Subscription databases:

  1. Elsevier (click to go to description)
  2. Scopus (click to go to description)
  3. Three resources of the publishing house Oxford at once: Oxford academic journals, Oxford Medicine, Oxford Scholarship (click to go to the description)
  4. IPR books is one of the most popular Russian library systems integrated into our electronic catalog (click to go to the description)
  5. “Russian for foreigners” educational platform of the IPRmedia company (click to go to the description)
  6. – news aggregator (click to go to description)
  7. EBS Lan library system that meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation is available for seamless access through our catalog (click to go to the description)
  8. Epigraph – domestic library system with editions in Kazakh, Russian and English languages ​​(click to go to the description)

Test access is a database whose materials are provided free of charge for a limited time. Most often, access is granted to a limited collection. The list of test access databases is regularly changed, in connection with which, follow the relevant information on the main page of the site.

Database of own generation (click to open) – a full-text database of the Al-Farabi Library from its own fund, provided for review, at no cost.