About the debt and terms of compensation of lost books

Payment for debts

1. The amount and dimensions of payment established for damaged books, textbooks and other materials are regulated by internal rules, within the framework of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. The user receives literature for one semester or one academic year. The user is obliged to return the received publications in a timely manner or extend the period of use of the books on subscriptions and reading rooms. The user who did not return the literature at the end of the academic year, from August 1, must pay – 30 tenge for one book for each day of delay in the DSP “Keremet”.

3. Books from the reading room can be handed out or issued through a self-service terminal for one day. In case of untimely return of books to the violator, he must pay 500 tenge for one book and 100 tenge for each subsequent day of delay.

4. In case of loss or damage to a library book, the user is obliged to compensate for the damage caused:

  • a similar book;
  • payment of the market value of the lost edition.

5. Payment for the cost of a lost book, for untimely return of books, is carried out in any second-tier bank, or through the ATF-bank mobile application.

Details for payment through the bank
Payment methodRequisites and addressesNoteForm of control
1CashCashier of second-their banks
РГП на ПХВ «Казахский национальный университет имени аль-Фараби» МОН РКИндекс 050040Адрес: г. Алматы, пр. аль-Фараби 71БИН 990140001154КБЕ 16 АО «АТФ Банк»ИИК KZ67826A1KZTD2020693БИК ALMNKZKA
Purpose of payment: “for library services”Receipt of payment
2Online transferMobile application of second-thier banks (ATF bank, Kaspi bank and etc.)Purpose of payment: “for library services”Cheque

Attention! After payment for the delay, or compensation for the lost book, send a check of payment to our mail library@kaznu.kz.

Attention! The library employee is forbidden to accept payment in cash, in case of such a situation, you must contact the administration: room 206, 8 (727) 377-33-33 ext. 17-00 or leave a complaint in the Book of Complaints and Suggestions indicating the full name of the employee.

6. In case of damage to library property (equipment, appliances, furniture, etc.), the user is obliged to restore its full value at his own expense.

7. In case of non-compliance with the Rules for using the library; if the above rules are not followed, the user may be partially or completely limited access to the services of the Library.

8. Persons who have violated the rules of use or caused damage to the Library bear administrative, civil (material) liability in the forms provided for by the current legislation and the Rules for using the library.