Two resources of the domestic publishing house Tech smith are available at once to users of the library of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University Platform of multimedia textbooks (Newbook) and Electronic library system (Epigraph).

Multimedia textbook platform – the platform of the “Tech Smith” company presents to our attention a portal on multimedia textbooks that allows you to study remotely, 74 multimedia books are available to The al-Farabi Kazakh National University (link to the platform mbook.kz​)

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ELS Epigraph – we present to your attention the first electronic database in the Republic of Kazakhstan from the domestic publishing house, fully developed by the Kazakhs. Base Epigraph develops and expands its capabilities, focusing on the needs of the domestic consumer – universities of Kazakhstan. All textbooks and manuals presented in the database are written by the best Kazakhstani authors from all over the Republic of Kazakhstan, and published by the leading domestic publishing house – “Evero” (link to the platform http://res.epigraph.kz/)

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The site is adapted to work with any mobile devices: cell phones, tablets and computers.

A multimedia textbook is a set of software solutions that allows students to demonstrate, in addition to text, teaching multimedia material, which also contains interactive blocks of knowledge testing.

The multimedia textbook contains:

  1. Text material – the main material of the textbook, presented in electronic form with the ability to search and navigation, as well as animated tables and graphs.
  2. Animations – static, dynamic 2D and 3D animations, as well as interactive animations and virtual laboratories.
  3. Video – lectures based on the material of the textbook, where the author is an active participant in a virtual digital presentation.
  4. Tests for self-control – tests formed in the form of interactive pages.
  5. Tasks – situational, computational, on logic and laboratory tasks.

The publishing house has been operating for 21 years on the market of Kazakhstan. His work is highly appreciated by specialists and confirmed by awards – “European quality”, “Order of Queen Victoria”, “Honorary Citizen of Kazakhstan”, as well as “Leader of Industry” 2014, 2015, 2016.

The product was created in order to make digital educational material available. Imagine that all the necessary teaching materials are always at hand. The necessary fragment of the textbook can be found in a minute, and students are granted access to knowledge through an electronic textbook 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.

Unlike competitors, Epigraph provides full-text search. You can specify the search terms for a word, phrase or even a sentence. The search engine is able to analyze a few hundred thousand pages of text in a fraction of a second and produce the finished result. This development is unique and unique in the RK. The search system can be run, both in general on the basis, and in a specific textbook.

It is important to note that 100% of the literature in the database are textbooks and teaching aids, not journals, articles or manuals. The textbooks are presented in three languages-Kazakh, Russian and English.

All textbooks are produced in Kazakhstan, they are created in full accordance with the state programs and standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan and are accredited by state institutions. The textbooks were issued on the basis of the leading publishing house of Kazakhstan – publishing house “Evero”, and are equipped with high-quality illustrations, processed by the best designers, editors and others.