Professional Resources

World of the library

A Journal “Professional librarians of Kazakhstan” has been published since 2003. Publishes 4 times a year. The main focus is on the use of modern information technologies in a libraries of Kazakhstan



Republican magazine has been published by the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 2002. On the pages of magazine publishes official material on librarianship and culture, the theoretical works of Kazakhstan librarians, highlights the experience of Kazakhstan libraries of various types.


Book science (bibliosphere)

Journal on introduction to the bibliography, book science and informatics.


Scientific-professional journal reflecting current trends in library development. The site contains the full-text archive of the magazine from 2003 to 2005.

Bulletin of the Eurasia Library Assembly

Scientific-practical journal of noncommercial partnership "Library Assembly of Eurasia" and the Russian State Library


Professional magazine offers its pages to experts in various fields of librarianship: recruiting and securing funds, bibliography and cataloging, informatization and promotion of reading.

Library science (introduction to library)

Scientific-practical journal of librarian and book business in the space of informational culture. 6 issues per year. The magazine is addressed to library and information workers, library scientists, bibliographers, teachers, graduate students, students of universities and colleges of culture and arts, universities, bookworms, bibliophiles.

News of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

Scientific-practical journal FGBI "Russian State Library". It is the only publication of its kind in the field of domestic information which tracks the work of IFLA and other international organizations which is in close cooperate with it, in the first place - UNESCO.

Modern library

The magazine highlights the diverse palette of the development of the librarian-informational institutions of the world countries.

University books

The magazine is addressed to university and public libraries, publishers and publishing department of higher and secondary special educational institutions, independent publishers and booksellers, businesses, and as well as to all participants of the textbook market.

Electronic libraries

Russian electronic journal which aims at the operational reflection of the theory and practice of using electronic libraries in Russia and abroad - distributed information systems which allows to process, store, distribute, analyze and organize the search in a variety of collections of electronic documents (text, graphics, audio, video and more) through the global data communications network.

American libraries

Journal of the American Library Association

Journal of academic librarianship

Science magazine, which is released by an international team of Elsevier, a leading global publisher of scientific and technical periodicals

Journal of librarianship and information science

British science magazine for the professionals of library sphere.

Library journal

Leading trade magazine for specialists of library sphere, which is published in the US since 1876

Public libraries

The magazine of the Association of US Public Libraries (a division of the American Library Association)