Projects and events

The leader of reading – the project is carried out within the all-university project " ҚазҰУ студенті оқуға тиіс 100 кітап"(100 books which the student  KazNU  has to read). Project objective: promotion of the 100 books project among students of university, increase in image of the book and reading, education of steady skills of reading, assistance in forming and development of reader's taste and interest, identification of the best readers and their rewarding.

Partners of the project: publishing houses - "Kazakh university", “Almatykitap”, “Atamura”, "Arman PV", Writers' Union of  RK, language center "English without Traditional Rules", media sponsors - the newspapers "Zhas kazakh", " Kazakh university ", labor union of  KazNU employees “Parasat”.

The project is implemented by extra budgetary funds of library.

Literary readings. The main task of an action is development of the identity of the student by development of ability to express the feelings in verses and prose, self-confidence in unfamiliar society, oratorical skills, skill to communicate, ability to work in team, qualities of the head, independent way of thinking, punctuality, sense of responsibility and a debt. Within literary reading thematic poetic evenings are spent, students participate in literary interuniversity soirees, in university creative actions (within the tender "Leader of Reading"), meetings with classic authors will be organized (D. Isabekov, Қ. Zhumadilov, B. Nurzhekeev).

Reader's conferences. . The action purpose is promotion among students for love to reading, respect for the book, development of a capability of self-expression and public statements. Events are held annually, once a month together with Youth council in library, scientific and reader's club "Kokzhiyek".(Абай «Таңдамалы өлеңдері, «Қара сөздері», Т.Ахтанов «Шырағың сөнбесін», М. Мақатаев «Таңдамалы шығармалары», О.Бөкей «Атаукере»).

Action "Help to Library".  The action purpose - assistance of the Almaty city libraries which were injured from various factors (a mudflow, the fire, etc.) forces of al-Farabi library workers. Within the action library workers collected more than 100 books for assistance of library to high school N192 after Sarsenbin which fund suffered from a mudflow in the summer of 2015.