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Reading the Terms of Library Use is not enough to use the library properly.

According to modern philosopher M.A. Lifshitz, "you cannot know everything, but we can and must know where that is, in which direction, to have the right knowledge." Library provides readers with ways and means to guide in the book fund. To do this, the library created directories.

Library catalog - a collection arranged according to certain rules of bibliographic records for documents that reflects the composition and content of the library fund.

There are certain rules for bibliographic records (BR), as reflected in the "GOST 7.1-2003. Bibliographic record. The bibliographic description: general requirements and rules. " Bibliographic records are part of the bibliographic information is recorded in the form of documentary information about the document, allowing him to be identified, to reveal its component parts and contents for its search. Bibliographic record includes a header, bibliographic description, classification codes, ciphers document storage, information service nature.