Terms of Library use

Al-Farabi Library Terms of use is defined by the ‘Regulation on the al-Farabi Library’ and regulations of the al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

The library provides customers to use books, newspapers, magazines and other documents in reading rooms.

1. Admission to the library and library card

1.1 Customers may start using the library on the basis of admission to the university; or by providing student ID cards.

1.2 Customer may get a united library card, which gives the right to use all the services of the Library.

Conditions of the library membership:

If you join in a library you will need to bring some personal identification, such as:

  • photos 3x4 cm - 2 pcs.;
  • copy of identity card;
  • receipt of payment for a library card.

1.3 Payment is made at the box offices of the University or the Student Service Center ‘Keremet’.  Customer will be charged a 400 tenge fee for the library card under the Order "On the paid services" for 2016.

1.4 After the registration of mentioned documents librarian-manager introduces the reader to the library terms of use, and when a customer takes a library card s/he commits to following the rules of the library with his/her signature.

1.5 Non-member users and legal entities use the services of the Library for a fee and / or on a contract basis.

1.6 The library card is valid for the entire period of study, thus customer will be able to use the library following the conditions of the annual student card re-registration. Customers are blocked from borrowing if they have unpaid fees that exceed the blocking limit stated in the service price list. The right to borrow is returned once the fines and expenses have been paid.

1.7 The annual student card re-registration runs after the summer session, when readers extend the use of literature, or pass it. Non-reregistered readers will be blocked from the library services in the next academic year.

1.8 In the case of expulsion from the University, customer is obliged to return all borrowed literature earlier.

1.9 Customers are required to thoroughly review the publications and in case of any defects notify the librarian before borrowing them; otherwise the responsibility for damage of publications lies with the reader using the edition last.

1.10 Using the Library by the university staff, students (undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students) is free of charge. The list of additional paid services provided by the Library, as well as financial penalties are considered by the finance authorities of the University and approved by Vice Rector.

2. Terms of subscription use

2.1 On subscription literature is given at home.

2.2 To order literature customer is obliged to provide the library card, fill in the list of demand for literature and sign it.

2.3 Customers are required to follow loan periods:

  • academic literature issued for a semester or academic year in the amount defined according to the educational plans and programs;
  • scientific literature granted for up to 1 month and not more than 5 copies at a time;
  • fiction issued no more than 3 copies for up to 15 days;
  • fiction included in academic program granted for the semester.

2.4 At the end of the academic year, student must return all the borrowed literature until August 1, otherwise there is a penalty for debtors for late return of books. 

2.5 Borrowed home items can be renewed, if there is no demand of other readers.

2.6 Encyclopedias, reference books, theses, rare and valuable books as well as the last and single copy of publications are issued only in the reading rooms.

2.7 In the case of return of the books, customer’s name and their number of the library card is removed from the library account. 

3. Terms of reading room use

3.1 Book borrowing in the reading room is possible only by the library card. 

3.2 The number of books and other printed materials accessible for borrowing is not limited. But requesting big number of books at the same time may be limited by the staff.

3.3 Literature issued in the reading room from the department of fund storage can be reserved for a certain period, but not up to 5 days.

3.4 Take the books out from the reading room is prohibited. In case of violation of this rule, the administration of the Library has the right to apply penalties to mentioned library user.

3.5 Books from the reading room may be issued for the night time by ‘night subscription’ from 7.30 pm till 10 am of the next day. Otherwise, library user will be charged for overdue items. 

3.6 Literature of a single copy is not issued for night borrowing.

4. Postgraduate Hub

4.1 Working with dissertation and synopsis is carried out only in the Postgraduate Hub. Copying and / or scanning of dissertation parts, including references is possible only by the written permission of the author. 

4.2 The access of the Fund of dissertations for the teachers, researchers, doctoral students, graduate students and research workers of al-Farabi Kazakh National University is free of charge.  Library user can get access to dissertations in the reading room without providing any special request letter.

4.3 Third-party users (other agencies, organizations and universities) use the Fund for a fee. Dissertations are given in the reading room only by a special request letter from agencies and organizations, where the request provider works or study. Special request letter must be printed on official letterhead and signed by the head of institution. The letterhead should contain specified topic of the project and the purpose of use of dissertation. Responsibility for the usage of materials lies with customer and supervisor signed special request letter. 

4.4 Special request letter is valid for one calendar year.

5. FYI e-library

5.1 E-library - a large comfortable hall for 270 seats, divided for convenience in the work areas: multimedia, working with the Internet, graphic programs, electronic resources, digital catalogues and databases (ThomsonReuters, Springer, Scopus, ElsevierScienceDirect, Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library (RMEB (Kazakhstan), Database «LAW», Polpred).

5.2 Customer visiting electronic library should provide to librarian-manager the library or student card and record themselves in the log of visits.

5.3 Readers are not permitted:

  • consume food and drinks while working at the computer;
  • work in urban clothes;
  • willfully connect and disconnect computer equipment and peripherals;
  • talk on the phone.

5.4 Readers are required to:

  • to check for viruses using personal media (flash drives, disks);
  • turn off the phone or turn it on silent mode;
  • to keep quiet in Electronic Library room;
  • in the case of damage to property of Electronic Library (equipment, machinery, furniture, etc.) to recover the full cost of her own expense.

5.5 The administration and staff of the Electronic Library is not liable for personal belongings of members left unattended.

5.6 Failure to observe any of the foregoing provisions may affect on your partially or fully access to the services of electronic library.

6. Working with rare and valuable publications

6.1 Working with rare and valuable publications is allowed only in the reading room.

6.2 Working with rare and valuable publications requires a good care of them and customers are responsible for the caused damage.

6.3 Rare and valuable publications are not issued on interlibrary loan (ILL).

6.4 Borrowing of rare and valuable publications is made upon written request, which shall include: the date of the visit; library card number; full name of the user; accession number and the code number of the document; author and title of the document; year of publication of the document.

6.5 Customer can borrow up to 5 documents at the same time.

6.6 It is the decision of librarian to deny to give a publication in case of the poor condition of document or its absence in the room.

7. Rights and obligations of library user

7.1 Library users have the rights:

  • To use all provided library and information services for free;
  • To borrow books and any other sources of information for temporary use in all departments of the library;
  • To receive full information on the fund of the Library through the directories, files and other forms of library information;
  • To get advice in searching and selecting sources of information.

7.2 Library users are required to:

  • comply with presented Terms of Library Use;
  • present the library card to access the Library fund of literature, and make sure to fill in requirement and sign for every literature taken in the library form;
  • take care of borrowed books, printed publications, other library materials and library property;
  • ensure that items are returned to the Library on time;
  • present the library card to the Library security staff to gain entry;
  • store coat, large bags, and backpacks at the cloak room; 
  • switch off the phone or put it on silent mode, do not talk loud and bring food and drinks to the reading room;
  • in case of loss or damage of Library materials, the borrower will be charged for the item at replacement cost or pay its market value. An item charged for in this way remains the property of the Library;
  • renew or return library items within the stipulated loan period.

7.3 In case of the late return of books on the night subscription, fines for overdue items are charged at a rate of 500 tenge under the Decree “On the paid services” for 2016; in addition, each following day of delay fines will be charged at a rate of 100 tenge. Payment is made through cashes of the University or at the SSC ‘Keremet’

7.4 At the end of academic year, until August 1, it is obligatory to return all library items; otherwise, the debtors shall be fined in the amount of 30 tenge a day for each item

7.5 Library users, who violate the rules of use or causing damage to the Library property, bear administrative, civil (material) liability in the norms stipulated by law and the Terms of Library use.

8. Readers are not permitted to:

  • disrupt peace and order of the Library;
  • transfer your library card to others or use someone else's document to borrow literature;
  • damage the library card by doing tags on it, knead the page, cut and tear sheets, otherwise the library card shall be deemed invalid;
  • take the Library items from the building at any time without authority;
  • damage the library publications by doing marks on them, bend pages, cut and tear sheets, spoil document’s label with RFID tag, draw;
  • remove cards from the catalogues and files;
  • enter without permission in the service spaces, in utility funds of the reading rooms and fund storage;
  • use scissors, razor, glue, replicated documents and take literature from the reading room;
  • take photos and videos of library facilities and materials, unless permission is sought - via administration of the library;
  • Library - an area free from smoking, obscene and unacceptable immoral behavior;
  • take literature from the reading rooms and leave personal belongings unattended.

9. Duties and rights of Library

9.1 The library shall:

  • serve library users in accordance with the "Regulation on the al-Farabi Library" and the Terms of Use;
  • inform library users about all of services of the library;
  • provide users the opportunity to enjoy all the library fund;
  • promote funds and services of the library, and encourage students interest for books;
  • improve library and information service for visitors, introducing advanced technology and computerization;
  • create and maintain a comfortable environment in the Library for the visitors;
  • maintain records, storage and use of a collection of books, and other printed materials in accordance with the defined rules;
  • be responsible for the safety of their funds, which are part of the cultural national heritage;
  • permanently control the library literature return, applying penalties to the violator of loan period regulations;
  • not to allow the library users to be restricted from access to documents stored in the Library.

9.2 The library has the right to apply penalties for library visitors, violating the Terms of Use.

In case of the violation of the terms, the library user will lose a right to access Library:

  • for the use of someone else's library card and violation of silence in the reading rooms - for 1 month;
  • for damage of books, magazines and other publications (tearing out pages), considering their high value – up to 3 months;
  • for insulting the library staff on duty - 6 months.

9.3 According to the internal normative document "Regulations on the al-Farabi Library" to carry out a cleaning day on the last Thursday of the month. Library users are not served in the sanitary days.