Guide to the library of al-Farabi

№ cabinetNames

1 floor

1110Subscriptions of the humanities and literature in Kazakh Language
2111Subscriptions of Natural science and literature in Foreign languages
3113Room for the distribution of newspapers and magazines 
4114Management of recruitment and storage of basic funds

2 floor

1200Classical reading room
2202Scientists club
3204Periodical editions Hall
4205Development and communication center
5206Administration of al-Farabi Library

3 floor

1301The Electronic Library
2302World countries books corner
3303The Hall of the first President
4303АManagement of automation of library-informational processes
5304Teambuilding Hall
6305Postgraduates Hall
7306Informative-librarian services
8307Rare and valuable editions
9308Teambuilding Hall
10309Digitalization center

4 floor

1401Reception for guests
2408№1 Conference hall
3409№2 Conference hall
4416№3 Conference hall