What does a freshman need to know?

Here are short notes that you need to know.

Dear freshmen, we are pleased to welcome you to the Al-Farabi Library!

First-year students, prior to receiving an ID-card, when registering at the Library, register by ID. After receiving an ID-card, it is used as a library card throughout the entire period of study.
After registration, the reader is obliged to familiarize themselves with these Terms of Use of the Library and strictly abide by them.
At season tickets, literature is issued at home. (1st floor on the back of the Library).
When ordering literature, the reader presents an ID-card (1st year students until the end of September - ID).
Upon receipt of books and other materials from the library fund, the reader must carefully review the publications and, if any defects are discovered, notify the librarian, otherwise the reader who used the publication is responsible for damage to the publications.
The user receives literature for one semester or for one academic year. A user who has not returned literature at the end of the school year will be fined on August 1.
Encyclopedias, reference books, dissertations, rare and valuable books are issued only in reading rooms. If the necessary literature does not appear on the subscription, access to the materials can be obtained through the library website http://elibrary.kaznu.kz in the section "Electronic Catalog" on the main page.
Literature, available in a single copy, is not issued at home, but the user can make a scanned copy, photocopies of the necessary pages through photocopiers or take pictures on mobile phones.
We recommend reading in more detail in the following documents:

1) Library Rules

2) Rights and obligations of users and the Library

3) About the penalties, debt and terms of compensation of lost books​

Good luck in your studies!