We are pleased to announce that we have an electronic library for 1 calendar month.

During test access, library users as well as students can familiarize themselves with the entire range of publications. Each teacher will have the opportunity to transfer his personal account to another place. Also during this period, webinars will be held for library staff and teachers.

How to use EBS Yurayt​


Frequently asked Questions​


1. In order to use EBS, you must first register and log in to your personal account with any computer in our school, at least once! (this must be done in order for the user to be linked to the school).

2. After that, teachers and students can enter the mobile device.
Master classes for teachers from EBS Yurayt:

Master class for teachers: Registration. Mobile app. Catalog

Master class for teachers: ICPP. Applications. Orders

Master class for teachers: Templates RAP. Media tutorials

Master class for teachers: Online testing. Affiliate program

Also for teachers there is a free subscription to educational materials on the programs “Individual book shelf of a teacher”.

Becoming its participant, the teacher receives:

1. Information about all the textbooks in their disciplines,

2. Free full-text access to academic disciplines in the personal office of the electronic library;

3. Methodical materials, webinars announcements

4. Module of automatic testing and testing with access of teachers to the results of testing students.

Useful materials:

Moving through the directory. Search. (Download)
Work with text. Bookmarks. Quotes. (Download)
Information for teachers. (Download)
Instructors application instructions. (Download)