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About the penalties, debt and terms of compensation of lost books

Debts and penalties

1. The user receives the literature for one semester or one academic year. The user is obliged to timely return the received editions or prolong the period of using the books on the subscription cards and reading rooms. A user who has not returned the literature at the end of the academic year will be fined from August 1 - 30 tenge for one book for each day of delay.

2. Books from the reading room can be issued at home or processed through a self-service terminal for up to three days. If the books are not returned promptly, the infringer is fined 500 tenge for one book and 100 tenge for each subsequent day of delay.

3. If the library book is lost or damaged, the user must compensate for the damage caused:

1) a similar book;

2) a publication recognized by the library as an equivalent lost book (list of recommended books for replacement);

3) payment of the market value of the lost edition to the cashier of the university or to DSP "Keremet" (details for payment through the bank).

Attention! The library employee is prohibited from accepting payment in cash, in case of such a situation, it is necessary to apply to the administration: cabinet 206, 8 (727) 2211701 or leave a complaint in the Complaints and Proposals Book indicating the employee's full name.

4. In case of damage to the property of the library (equipment, equipment, furniture, etc.), the user must restore its full cost at his own expense.

5. If the Rules for using the library are not implemented; If the above rules are not observed, the user may be partially or completely limited access to the services of the Library.

6. Persons who violated the rules of use or caused damage to the Library bear administrative, civil-law (material) liability in the forms provided by the current legislation and the Rules for using the library (