Scientist tool

SciVal by Elsevier is a suite of innovative web-based solutions that present and evaluate research results across all disciplines. SciVal offers quick and easy access to research from over 10,200 research institutes and associated researchers from 230 countries.Scival
ORCHID is a non-profit organization that helps solve the problem of author / speaker uncertainty in academia by creating a centralized register of unique identifiers.Orcid
The Google Search Platform Academy is part of the Google search engine. Implementing in practice the slogan “Standing on the shoulders of giants”, Google Scholar allows you to find scientific papers from peer-reviewed sources, incl. electronic, in all languages operated by the system. In terms of real citation rates for Russian-speaking authors, Google Scholar is of greater interest than Web of Science or Scopus, since it includes the maximum number of scientific journals in Russian.Google Scholar
Web of Science (WoS) is a multidisciplinary platform that helps you quickly find, analyze and share information in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and arts. The user has integrated access to high quality literature through a unified platform that links a wide variety of content and search terms together to create one common vocabulary and one comprehensive search. Developed and provided by subscription by Thomson Reuters.Web of Science
Mendeley is a free bibliographic information management program that allows you to store and view research papers in PDF format and is connected to the international social network of scientists. To gain access to use the program, you must create an account on the social networking site. The basic Mendeley package is distributed as freeware, but there are paid versions with increased quotas for storing materials and creating groups.Mendeley