EBSCO – the leading supplier of electronic services and databases in the market of information services.

EBSCOhost -EBSCO host - the multipurpose search platform giving an opportunity of instant access to the world scientific periodical press in an electronic format in various languages (English, French, German, Spanish, etc.). In databases of EBSCO host such editions are provided: Blackwell Publishing, Springer, Harward Business School, Taylor&Francis, Sage Publications, etc.

The list of information resources is constituted by 11 databases: Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, ERIC, Green FILE, Health Source - Consumer Edition, Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition, Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts, Master FILE Premier, MEDLINE, Newspaper Source, Regional Business News.

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The Al-Farabi library offers you e-books from Elsevier publishing house.

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This collection includes books in such directions as: microbiology and virology, industrial biotechnology, biophysics: human physiology and animals, neurobiology, ecological physiology, immunology, molecular immunology, immune physiology, biotechnology bases, genomics and proteomics.
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Dear colleagues!  Within our subscription, EBSCO database offers the list of e-books which can be available to you through the EBSCO platform absolutely free of charge. 

This collection includes books on such directions as Art, the Biography and the Autobiography, Business and Economy, Computer Sciences, Education, Fiction, Foreign languages, History, the Right, Literary collections, Mathematics, Music, Natural study, Poetry, Policy, Social sciences, Technology, Engineering and more.

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Al-Farabi library is glad to report you that access to the largest Electronic and Library IPR books system is open! ELS IPR books — the Russian license certified full text base of electronic editions recommended for use in educational activity of educational institutions.

ELS IPR books –reliable and useful resource for study and scientific researches uniting the latest information technologies and educational license literature, intended for the different directions of training by means of which any user will be able to obtain necessary information for preparation for seminars, offsets and examinations to perform necessary works and projects. To teachers  ELS IPR books will be useful for drawing up curricula, preparation for occupations, obtaining information on new publications of colleagues.

ELS contains more than 100000 editions, 26000 educational and scientific works on various disciplines, about 400 names of the Russian and foreign magazines which most part is included into the list of HCC provides access to literature more than 500 federal, regional, high school publishing houses, research institutes, to works of scientific and leading groups of authors.Also access to "Funds of the Russian libraries" (more than 62000 editions) – rare editions, notes, the periodical press, historical, local history literature, etc. is provided. Tests in the online mode which will help to check the knowledge of various disciplines (more than 350 tests) are available to users on the website. 
ELS IPR books daily is updated and replenished with new modern editions. Her distinctive feature is high-quality approach to selection of literature for educational process, the accounting of needs of students, teachers and libraries for necessary editions when completing funds. Among indisputable advantages — speed and convenience of search and a filtration of editions, expanded functionality, modern and convenient services for users, high adaptability of system, attentive approach to each reader.

Work in online of the version is available round the clock on the website, On the website IPR books in the right top corner press the ENTRANCE button, enter Login -, the password – EZBMkNjh, then undergo personal registration with the instruction name, e-mail and the user's type. After completion of registration your personal login and password will be displayed in the opened window, and also sent to the specified e-mail address.

Инструкция для пользователей

The Database Media Review - an archive of valuable publications. Categories of  the database : 53 fields / 600 sources / 9 federal districts of the Russian Federation / 235 countries and territories / main materials / articles and interviews of 6,000 first official figures.  Thousands of news, full text in Russian, a million of the best stories of news agencies and business press for 15 years are available for use with everyday updates.  Search settings. With just one click it is possible to  export to Word hundreds of articles. Internet services are provided in accordance with fields  and countries.  is accessible from all library computers and from a local network of the  university-

Subscription databases – «Zan- Zakon » (law) — legislative and regulatory legal acts of the state in the Kazakh and Russian languages. The database is completed only from official sources that allows to provide exclusive reliability of standard material.

The database is supplied with dictionaries: the encyclopedic legal dictionary, dictionaries of legal terms from texts of laws of the Republic of  Kazakhstan in the Kazakh and Russian languages with sending on texts of these laws in the Database.

  • There are regional programs, decisions, resolutions of regional authorities for the RK areas.
  • During the work with the document there is a possibility of simultaneous viewing in the two-window mode of the text in the state and Russian languages.

Dear readers!
Access is possible only from computers of library. Address to the Electronic hall (the III floor)

Springerlink – one of the leading world interactive full text databases mainly scientific, technical and medical content (magazines, books and reference materials) in such directions as biology, ecology, medicine, physics, technical science, mathematics, informatics, the humanities, economy.

SpringerLink is a valuable information resource for researchers, scientists, teachers, students, representatives of  business structures and the scientific organizations for which access to knowledge is a necessary condition of successful performance.

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Dear library users! From January 22 to April 30, 2018, test access to the electronic library system was opened «University library online».

«University library online» — it’s modern educational platform with a variety of services that expand the boundaries of the information space of the university and provide access to higher education institutions, public libraries and corporate users to the most popular materials of educational and scientific literature on all fields of knowledge from leading Russian publishing houses. ELS certified for conformity with GOST standards, meets all requirements FGOS 3+ (including accommodation GQW (graduate qualification work).

The resource contains textbooks, teaching aids, monographs, periodicals, reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, video and audio materials, illustrated editions on art, non-fiction literature, fiction. The catalog of publications are update systematically by new actual literature.

ELS «University library online» provides access to more than 100 000 publications in all fields of knowledge. More than 400 publishing houses represented in the library will provide students with publications on basic and narrow-profile subjects. 

Registration of users on the site ELS "University library online" is carried out through the computers of the university, connected to the Internet. After registration, the user is granted remote access to the resources of the ELS.

Instructions for working with ELS:

Training videos (search, reading, search samples):

Consultation about work with ELS can be obtained in the electronic room on the 3rd floor of the library at the expert-managers of the hall.

From January 29 to February 29, 2018, a test access to the database «BiblioRossica. Basic collection», with contains more than 17,000 books and is constantly updated.

The basic collection "ELS BiblioRossica" includes textbooks, educational and practical guides on the subjects of the humanities, technical and natural sciences, monographs, journals, journalism, as well as modern Russian-language and translated prose.

In addition to the full text of the books, already in the test access mode, users will be able to:

  1. Detailed catalog of books
  2. Attribute and full text search
  3. Copy quotes to a text editor
  4. Partial download of the book
  5. Printing book pages
  6. After registering on the site through computers of the university or library, remote access to the resource is provided for an unlimited number of users. 

More information on working with the database can be obtained in the electronic room of the library. 

ChemSpider -  free database in which data on properties more than 58 million chemicals, mainly, organic chemicals are collected.

ChemSpider - the structural database. As  envisioned by creators, the structure of chemical is primary identifier in construction of all information array; all remaining identifiers (the name, registration numbers etc.) are read secondary here and therefore not always precisely correspond to a certain chemical object.

Example of discrepancy to which we not always pay attention. The term "table salt" is not only trivial name of substance of chloride of sodium, but also the name of goods in which the substance Na Cl is the basic - but not the only thing - a component.

Data  in ChemSpider accumulates from different sources: from other databases (484 for 2017) - big and small, scientific and educational, commercial and free, - and also from primary literature - and reviewed, and not undergone reviewing. As a result of data on substance represent rather a compilation of earlier published information here, but not an array of the adjusted numerical data.

Strength of ChemSpider - a search capability of information on the given structure of substance.

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Dear readers, we are glad to report to you that in Al-Farabi Library is open to bases of digital textbooks and manuals of Epigraph publishing house. 

The electronic library represents a collection from more than 3000 names of textbooks and manuals for higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Many of the submitted editions are best-sellers. The collection of textbooks is presented on 700 thousand pages with full-color illustrations and is replenished with novelties in the amount of 500 up to 800 names annually. Textbooks and manuals are presented in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

After a regisration  remote access is provided in the territory of KazNU .

For additional information address to electronic library on the 3rd floor.  

For access to bases of digital textbooks and manuals of Epigraph publishing house, follow the link: